Mini Valve NC hand operated. Most often used on 22mm panel buttons, mounted on the back. This allows you to make a pneumatic signal instead of an electrics signal. Combining this signal with bigger 3/2 5/2 valves, that are pneumatically operated, allows you to make a 100% pneumatic system. In some applications this is a nice feature. We sell all these components with 4mm fittings. This is compatible with the logic elements that also have a 4mm connection. Using this button in combination with LOGIC elements allows you to make even more advanced features. For example a 2 hand operated system, or having a set of pneumatic cylinders work in a certain sequence order. Its amazing what is possible just with pneumatics.
  • WARNING: Meaning of NO and NC in pneumatics is reverse to that of Electronics
  • We offer here NC (normally closed) no air goes through until button is pushed
  • Mini 3/2 Valve hand operated
  • Metalwork part nr W3501000100
  • Installation in any position
  • Push in fittings for Ø4mm hose
  • Low actuation force
  • Rapid, accurate signal
  • Mechanical actuation
  • Using the Plastic Adapter, it is possible to mount 2 or more of these buttons on the same panel actuator
  • By combining this NO valve with another NO or NC valves its possible to make 3/2 5/2 5/3 open centre, and 5/3 pressure centre pneumatic functions
  • Using the Plastic Adapter this type of button can be added to different 22mm panel interface buttons. (Push, Push-Lock, Key, joystick etc)

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