Vital 1

General Information

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    Vital 1
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  • Catalog Description:
    Vital 1 Safety controller
  • Long Description:
    Vital 1 Safety controller with relay outputs 2NO, +24 VDC supply voltage and detachable screw terminals.
    For monitoring of safety devices, such as emergency stops, using DYNlink.

    Vital 1 is a configurable safety controller that does not require programming.
    It uses the DYNlink system, which allows up to 30 safety devices to be connected in series to the same circuit, while achieving PL e / SIL 3.
    The DYNlink circuit is a unique solution that uses one single channel to achieve upt to Cat.4/PL e. Using DYNlink reduces the installation and engineering time thanks to simple installation with serial connection using M12 connectors.
    Vital 1 can only be used with DYNlink safety devices, such as Eden DYN and devices with a Tina adapter.

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